2013-2014 Conference

Apply to 2013 FACES Conference


Dear Prospective Applicant,

We are honored that you are considering becoming a part of On Common Ground 2013. Please keep the following in mind while completing your application.

First, we encourage you to see this application as a thorough self-introduction. A standout application is one where the reader can get a good sense of why your passions, experiences, and background make you who you are today. While there are no topical limits on what you can write about, we suggest avoiding generic topics or regurgitating Wikipedia content. We are not looking for an international relations or history thesis, but rather, demonstrated potential to contribute and share your knowledge and interests in US-China relations. As readers, we have discovered that the most successful applications are those whose honesty, originality, and depth make them stand out among the high volume of FACES applications.

Second, over the past few years, a rising trend of plagiarism has marred several otherwise promising applications. Please note that if you copy or paraphrase any portion from any document that is not your own original work – whether it be an entire document, paragraph, sentence, or idea – it will be considered as plagiarism. For example, copying a sentence and changing a few words with a thesaurus is plagiarism. We treat this issue very seriously, and will immediately disqualify any application suspected of plagiarism.

The FACES team is very proud of our internationally recognized program. If selected as a delegate, you will not only have the opportunity to engage with prominent leaders from the US and China through lectures and panels, but you will join a distinguished alumni network that offers unparalleled opportunities, career advice, and friendships. We view this ever-growing network of future leaders as a testament to our group’s success and our program’s unique ability to change lives.

To access the application, please follow the link below. Please fill the entire application and submit the combined PDF file. We will contact you shortly after our May 1st deadline to arrange interviews should you enter our final round, and will inform you the results by mid-June. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at faces.recruiting@gmail.com. We look forward to receiving your application.

Good luck!


Belinda Tang & Ian Chan
Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford

James Li
Vice President of Recruiting
Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford

Conference Dates & Location:

  • Part 1: November 7th-10th, 2013 at Stanford University
  • Part 2: April, 2014 in China
Application Form
The application form is available here, and is due by May 1st DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO MAY 7TH. In your application, please make sure you include:
  1. Application PDF
  2. Current Resume
  3. Current or previous transcript
  4. Passport Bio Page - If you have a passport. If you do not, please scan in an alternate form of photo identification