PKU and Renmin Chapters Held Part II of the Conference

Part II of the 2013-2014 FACES Conference took place from April 13th to 19th in Beijing. The conference was co-hosted by FACES chapters at Peking University and Renmin University. Delegates discussed critical issues in Sino-U.S. relations with distinguished speakers including Wu Changhua, former member of Tony Blair’s advisor group and Greater China Director of Climate Group, and Ding Yifan, deputy director at Development Research Center of the P.R.C. State Council. FACES invited Beijing-based alumni to the banquet to sit down with our class of 2014 and share. Delegates also got to know each other and the city better through social nights, the closing party and a city tour.

PKU and Renmin Chapters prepare for the Spring Conference

FACES Chapters at Peking University and Renmin University are preparing for the second part of the 11th FACES Conference, which will take place from April 13-19, 2014 in Beijing. Speakers include Mr. Ding Yifan, Deputy Director at the Development Research Center of the P.R.C. State Council, and Wang Junyu, founder of Wandoujia, a Chinese internet firm. Part of the event will take place at the Stanford Center at Peking University, which is directed by our advisor, Dr. Jean Oi. 

For those of you attending the conference, we look forward to seeing you in April!

On Common Ground 2006: Prospects for Parity in US-China Relations

On Common Ground 2006 seeks to provide the opportunity for outstanding American and Chinese students to live, work, and learn together. Through these interactions, these future American and Chinese leaders will gain a better understanding of one another, both culturally and personally. They will have the chance to share ideas, experiences, and perspectives.

In becoming a part of our enduring cross-Pacific alumni network our delegates build a foundation of mutual understanding that they may bring into their future careers. This network is established on the basis of close personal bonds amongst delegates, FACES organizers, and mentors and is one of the measures that FACES believes will ultimately strengthen U.S.-China relations.