Lee Yearly: Traditional Chinese Thought

Held on Feb 15th, the FACES seminar led by Professor Lee Yearley, "Traditional Chinese Thought, the West, and Modern China", attracted over 30 guests from both undergraduates and graduate students across all disciplines. Professor Lee Yearley is an Evans-Wentz professor from the Religious Studies Department. He specializes in comparative religious ethics, virtue theory, selected Christian thinkers, and classical Chinese thought. He started the seminar by defining and introducing what the three components in the title meant, introduced comparatively how the western virtues discussed in Aquinas and Chinese virtues discussed in Mengzi differ, and explained what these differences say about Chinese and Western Culture. After the presentation, Professor Yearley answered questions on the ways in which specific ideas in traditional Chinese thought--such as the significance of filial piety--have, should, or can inform both Western thought and modern China. The discussion was so lively that many participants stayed after the seminar ended and asked further questions.