FACES WeChat Platform Operation Report 2014


In May 2014, FACES started running its official account on WeChat. As WeChat is now and will remain the dominant social networking platform among Chinese college students, we see it as necessary to extend our social media outreach--which already includes a FACES presence on LinkedIn, Google Groups, and Renren--to also include an active presence on WeChat. Such a move would increase public exposure of FACES and promote public awareness of U.S.-China relations among Chinese youth. Since then, our Public Relations teams at Stanford and Peking have collaborated to initiate the 2014-2015 FACES Delegate Recruitment Online Campaign, promote our innovative Peking-Stanford Telesummit on 2014 APEC Beijing and publish FACES alumni interviews. So far, we have accumulated a fair amount of subscribers with high average page views. In the coming year, we will continue to provide content highly-relevant to Chinese college students as well as focus on U.S.-China relations on a regular basis. In the meantime, we will develop our WeChat platform into a major online channel in order to build a broader delegate applicant base.

FACES 2014-2015 Delegate Recruitment Campaign

In mid-May, 2014, we kicked off our WeChat campaign for 2014-2015 FACES delegate recruitment. This campaign lasted for 2 weeks, included 11 posts in total introducing FACES speakers, alumni network and annual conference structure. We saw fast growth in number of subscribers and also dramatic increase in number of Chinese applicants compared to recent years. Here below is chart showing some quick facts:

WeChat 2014-2015 Delegate Recruitment.png

Conclusion and Plan for 2015



In 2014, FACES saw great success in our public relations operation on WeChat, with rapid growing number of subscribers and increasingly high average page view. We utilized this platform to promote FACES delegate recruitment, offline events and post value-added alumni interviews that have not only served to strengthen our online presence but also inspire Chinese college students to think and discuss highly relevant issues like career choice, social responsibility and cross-cultural communication. In 2015, we will maintain the above functions and develop new features to enlarge our reader base and increase delivery efficiency.