Speaker Series: Zhengyang Jiang on China's Currency Control

This year’s speaker series, “Exceeding Bounds: Ambitions and Disruptions in Contemporary China,” expands on last year’s speaker series, which sought to investigate borders both physical and figurative in China today.  Our goal in this year’s speaker series is to investigate the ways in which China is pushing beyond its borders, whether by projecting power outside of its domestic sphere, or by growing as a nation, pushing past an earlier form.  

For our first FACES Speaker Series talk of the 2015-2016 academic year, we invited Zhengyang Jiang, a third-year PhD student in Finance at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, to discuss contemporary disruptions in China’s offshore RMB market.  Jiang focused on comparing interest and exchange rates at both volatile and calm states and responded to questions from the audience.  Zhengyang was originally a FACES delegate at the 2013 Annual Conference.  We were honored to welcome him back to share his research with the Stanford community!