FACES Partners with 1990 Institute to Promote "Youth Voices on China" Video Contest

On February 28, Executive Director of the 1990 Institute Monica Lee spoke to Stanford students about the upcoming annual video contest “Youth Voices on China”—a digital media learning initiative sponsored by the 1990 Institute.

Monica Lee is a technology entrepreneur and angel investor with a wealth of experience in helping venture capital firms and tech startups enter China. Apart from her previous investment projects in data security and enterprise software, Monica is concerned about American students’ general lack of interest in and understanding of modern China. This motivated her to help coordinate the national video contest as part of the program of the 1990 Institute, whose mission is to to build trust between US and Chinese nationals through education.

This year, with the theme “China: Collected Stories,” in hopes of fostering global awareness and deeper awareness of US-China relations, the contest encourages students in the US to collect personal stories from Mainland China. Finalists of the contest will receive professional videography training and have a chance of winning the prize of $30,000. In her presentation, Monica showcased a video entry from a past contest. The touching story detailed the contestant’s constant struggles in reconciling her Chinese and American identities. Similarly, this year the organizers and judges are looking for videos that will make them “laugh, cry, smile, or awed and enlightened.” Monica revealed that among the judges this year is Joan Chen, 1990 Institute board member and famed actress. Monica additionally emphasized her hope to see more entries from undergraduate students. The deadline to submit video entries is April 3.

Monica’s presentation ended with an engaging trivia contest on China’s current affairs. The audience enthusiastically participated in the trivia, with questions ranging from China’s investments in the US to Chinese pop culture and Chinese memes.

 For more information about the 1990 Institute's “Youth Voices on China” video contest, please visit http://youthvoices.1990institute.org/.