Beida University Chapter



Founded by a group of former FACES delegates in March 2005, FACES Beida has successfully organized nearly half of all FACES conferences in China, linking delegates worldwide with China’s prominent leaders in politics, business and academia. Such achievement could not be made without the continuous and strong support from our partners, sponsors and advisors at Peking University. FACES Beida is in close collaboration with Student International Communication Association (SICA) of Peking University, sponsored by Peking University Education Foundation (PKUEF), guided by Stanford Center at Peking University (SCPKU) and advised by Professor Min Weifang, Vice President of Peking University.


The great global influence of U.S.-China relations is what inspires FACES Beida to move forward. We firmly believe that by channeling students, we are building connections essential to the future of U.S. and China, and even, to that of the entire world. We hope that through our efforts, youth from the United States, China and other parts of the world will be able to make greater accomplishments together.


Alumni Affairs. (Co-directed by Donny Ding Ning Li and Shirley Zihui Zheng, and advised by Vice-President Elaine Wailing Ng)

As the youngest department of FACES Beida, our alumni affairs team is in charge of FACES’ alumni interview program and organizing alumni activities in Beijing.

Conference Programming. (Directed by Lee You Jeong)

Our conference programming team organizes academic events of all kinds, including  the TeleSummit, as well as the speeches and seminars during the annual conference.    

Operations & Development. (Directed by Alice Binqi Hu)

The duties of our operations and development team include fundraising, logistics support and team building.

Public Relations. (Directed by Mark Boyu Zhang and advised by Vice-President James Deyao Feng)

Our public relations team is responsible for managing FACES’ WeChat account, event promotion and working together with other departments to expand FACES Beida’s connections with media, enterprises and academic communities in Beijing.

Spring Session, Annual Conference 2014-2015 (March, 2015)

Spring Session, Annual Conference 2014-2015 (March, 2015)


Annual Conference

FACES Beida has successfully organized over half of all FACES conferences in China, including the Spring Sessions in 2017 and 2018.


FACES Beida has successfully held multiple Telesummits, including in 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Telesummit (January 2016)

Telesummit (January 2016)