The FACES Annual Summit brings forty extraordinary students from across the United States and China together, on common ground. First for a week at Stanford University in the fall, then for a week in China in the spring, they join in a unique exchange that spans two meetings and two continents, a cross-cultural conversation that can be heard on both sides of the Pacific. 

Lean forward. Throughout the summit, conversation never stops. Through small-group parallel forums, you will intensively explore critical issues ranging from the TPP to the ADB, incorporating new ideas each day into an ongoing focused discussion. Experienced moderators, professors and PhDs guide talks and push delegates to understand and articulate the assumptions framing their point of view. Your own fellow delegates will inspire you to leave many of those assumptions behind, and take your thinking to a deeper level.

Talk back. Engage closely and critically with distinguished leaders and thinkers who have made a profound impact on U.S.-China relations. Past speakers include President George H. W. Bush, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Secretary of Defense William Perry, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, and U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman. FACES speakers don't just come to speak, and delegates don't just come to listen. Be ready to engage some of the most influential voices in U.S.-China affairs close-up in conversation and debate.  

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Take the stand. For one day, not only the future but the pressing present of US-China relations is in your hands. Engage in a foreign policy simulation that puts you in the shoes of the other nation’s leaders. Bring the knowledge, skills, and friendships you have built over the summit into action as you react to unfolding political crisis – one that will challenge each delegate to think critically about how they understand the other side’s perspective.

Make an impact. Through Collaborative Projects, FACES delegates and alumni have already begun to shape U.S.-China relations. American and Chinese delegates jointly form teams during the Stanford Session and design original projects that address the most pressing issues in the bilateral relationship. During the six months between the two sessions, teams work together to implement their research or social venture projects, and prepare to present their results to their peers and to the media at the China Session. Past collaborative projects include a video documentary exploring water pollution in rural China and an NGO founded to equip students with skills to succeed in multinational careers.

Join the community. The FACES alumni community spans the globe, with more than 850 former delegates and members of our executive team continuing to meet, live and work together everywhere from Shanghai to New York, from Beijing to the San Francisco Bay. At the Annual Summit, FACES alumni in the area come to meet the newest generation of delegates. Be ready to engage with leaders in every field imaginable: as entrepreneurs, in government, in law and finance and as academics, FACES alumni carry the vision they developed as delegates out into the broader world. Alums meet often, and depend on one another when they move to new places and transition to new chapters in their careers. FACES also hosts regular alumni reunions, an opportunity for our former delegates to continue the conversations they started at the Annual Summit, for some, more than a decade ago.

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