Dear FACES Delegates,

A warm welcome from the FACES Staff Team! In order to maximize your experience at the FACES Conference, we hope to know more about you. The following form will provide crucial information for us to design and organize our conference programs.

This year's FACES Conference features four parallel forums. You will need to submit your order of preference for these forums, and we will try our best to assign you to a forum of your interest. Each forum will meet for about eight hours during the Stanford Session of the FACES Conference and will include about five hours of delegate discussions and debates. Scholars and professionals with relevant expertise will hold small seminars at each of these forums. Both the delegate discussions and the seminars are structured around a series of questions. Please read the following forum questions before deciding your order of preference:

  • Economics Forum: What roles are the Chinese and American governments playing in their respective economies? To what extent is China a market economy? Why does China still have a large state-owned sector? Do the United States and China strike a sound balance between the market and the state? Should the Chinese government allow foreign and domestic corporations to compete on a level playing field in strategic sectors such as finance? 
  • Education Forum: What roles are the Chinese and American governments playing in their respective education systems? What disparities exist between the public and private sectors of the education market in each country? In which direction should the higher education in each country develop, more liberation education or more professional training? How is education equality defined by policies and perceived by the public in each country? Which one is more just, and which one is more socioeconomically efficient? 
  • Human Rights Forum: Is there a role for human rights in governing international relations? How are American and Chinese conceptions of human rights different? Can these conceptions be reconciled? How do these divergent understandings of fundamental rights influence or impede international diplomacy? What motivates the U.S. interest in human rights, free expression, and democracy in China? 
  • Security Strategy Forum: What are the strategic objectives behind China’s military buildup and engagement in maritime disputes? What sort of regional role does China seek to play? What has been the U.S. role so far? What are the motivations behind Washington’s “pivot to Asia”? What makes China threatening to the U.S., and what makes U.S. threatening to China? Are the strategic uncertainty caused by misunderstandings? What caused these misunderstandings? Do they arise from cultural and historical differences? How can we eliminate them? 

If you have any question or suggestion about the parallel forums or any other event at the FACES Conference, please feel free to tell us at the bottom of the form.

Please submit this form by 11:59pm on Sunday, August 10 (U.S. Pacific D.S.T) or 2:59pm on Monday, August 11 (Beijing Time). We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to meeting you in October!

Yours Sincerely, 
The FACES Staff Team


A special notice to FACES Delegates in the Beijing Area: FACES Beida (Peking University) Chapter plans to host a social event for new delegates and alumni this August. Please fill in this form if you are interested in attending.


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