Dear FACES Alumni,

Over twelve years have passed since the founding of FACES. The FACES alumni network has developed into a multigenerational community of outstanding leaders in politics, entrepreneurship, and academia that has grown through more than a decade of FACES conferences. This community continues to shape the goals of our organization, expand its opportunities and contribute to a rich international dialogue.

In-keeping with our mission of promoting discourse and interpersonal understanding among those interested and involved in U.S.-China affairs, the FACES Team works to help our alumni all across the globe, from San Francisco to Beijing, from New York to Shanghai, rejoin and gather together, to meet old friends and make new ones.

This survey is intended to help us learn about the FACES alumni community in Shanghai, to help plan future reunions and other such events in the city. We would like everyone to fill out this brief survey, which will take you only 3 minutes. Your feedback is highly valuable to FACES and its goal of expanding and empowering our global alumni network.

Thank you,

FACES Alumni Affairs

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Many thanks for your participation. Every contribution you make leads to a better FACES.