Thursday, February 22 is FACES Alumni Giving Day

At the suggestion of a FACES alum, next Thursday, February 22 FACES will be holding an Alumni Giving Day when past delegates and members from all over the globe can pledge to support FACES’s mission of transforming the U.S.-China relationship through facilitating exchange between the next generation of global political, business, and academic leaders. Over half our delegates rely on financial aid to attend, and 95% of our budget is spent on conference programming. We hope to raise at least $8000 on Giving Day, enough to provide financial aid to all needy delegates for our next On Common Ground summit.

You were a delegate once. Pledge to support the next generation of FACES delegates by stepping up on Giving Day. Sign up as a supporter of FACES’s ever more critical mission today by pledging below. If you want to step up now and contribute to FACES today, you can do so at

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