In recent years, FACES-Renmin has recruited many more talented members with diverse backgrounds and experiences to refresh our organization. Our members come up with brilliant ideas for our inspired Salons and Speeches, as well as our many activities, like career talks, speeches and panel talks. 

2015 was special for Faces-Renmin: it was our ten year anniversary. To celebrate this anniversary we prepared many splendid salons and speeches, focusing on topical issues such as Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, social network and demonstrations in Hong Kong. We also invited experienced professors to share new ideas with students.


“Create and Practice”

Every year, we invite young entrepreneurs to share their experiences with current students. This year, Yan Shi, Guorui Su, and Mengjie Du featured amongst our guest speakers. Yan is the founder of the first “community supporting farm” in China that aims at providing safe food for people. Du travelled to 5 countries through online crowdfunding, and started

On October 12, 2014, “Create and Practice” brought together undergraduates to discuss their apprehensions for the future. Some worried about their lack of creative gifts, others worried about being "successful". To address these concerns, the young entrepreneurs that started pioneering businesses upon graduation imparted useful advice to students.


“Who moved my Chinese Culture?”

This is a seminar that aims at cultural exchange. This year, we invited Professor Leopold, an expert on Chinese studies, and Professor Wang Yipei, who studies Chinese literature to talk about “loneliness and independence”. 

To dig deeper into this topic, we held another salon at the end of 2015. By inviting foreign students from 10 countries, we talked about the difference in understanding ‘loneliness’ and ‘independence". It’s interesting that both Chinese students and international students, are not like what we imagined.