Founded in 2009, FACES-ZJU represents the most innovative views and the most energetic voice in the communication between China and America, given that it is located in Hangzhou, a center of entrepreneurship and innovation.

With its mission to enhance the understanding of Sino-US relationship and international visions among students in the campus, FACES-ZJU has been conducting series of projects and lectures concerning various topics, including Sino-US relationship, entrepreneurship and innovation., Wei Yang (former president of Zhejiang University), Shufu Li (president of Geely Group), Jian Wang (CTO of Alibaba) and other distinguished guests in different fields are all in the list of former invited speakers of FACES-ZJU. FACES-ZJU also holds activities like FACES-ZJU graduation ceremony, internal sharing seminar to maintain long-lasting relations among FACES-ZJU member and its alumni, who spread their footprints all over the world.


On Common Ground (OCG) Annual Conference
In November 2010, the 2010 On Common Ground annual conference was held in China International Conference Center, Zhejiang University. Well-known experts and scholars as well as students from the US and China came together to discuss the hot issues of the two countries to exchange opinions and ideas. At the 2010 OCG, the international political and military expert, Professor of International Affairs and Strategic Studies at Tamkang University, Taiwan's Lin Chong-pin, gave a speech on the hot issues of his study published. Lin Chong-pin demonstrated his correct predictions in the US presidential election, the international and domestic situation analysis in his speech, and on cross-Straits relations and Sino-US, Sino-Japanese relations expressed their views. He inspired the participating students, analysis and study of international relations, to lay the foundation, and innovation. Recalling his own study of international relations analysis, he summarizes some habits needed to develop methods for the students.


As a regular project of FACES-ZJU, FACES-talk has covered plenty of speeches on various fields and topics. Professors, volunteers, entrepreneurs and scholars share their unique experience or research results to ZJU's students.  


The letter “x” means the independently organized TED event in ZJU. FACES invited sharers from several different fields. Member of Association of Science Communicators and doctor of USTC astrophysics Sun Zhengfan made scientific knowledge attractive for students; Professor Zheng Xiaoxiang’s BCI research brought hope to paralyzed patients; artist Zhu Renmin transformed sand to oasis, her admirable efforts on environmental protection made a difference; game developer Gu Zhilong shared the essence of game design; local hostess Yi yi’s career was inspiring… FACES-ZJU brought hundreds of people together for a wonderful afternoon of sharing and communicating. 

Sharing and Seminar

To promote the comprehensive qualities of FACES-ZJU members as well as friendship among us, internal sharing and seminars regarding subjects like individualism and collectivism, Sino-US relationship are held regularly during which FACES members are able to share their own experiences and perceptions about specific topic after elaborate preparations like literature reading, material collection etc.

Part 3 Visions

Hangzhou has been emerging as one of the most prosperous cities across the China. Being students of the best university in the home of Alibaba, the host city of G20 and Asian Olympic Games gives us not only honor but also responsibility. FACES-ZJU, representing the wisdom and openness of the Zhejiang University, is determined to seize the coming opportunities and expand more influence and on economic, social, cultural and political issues to further the mutual understanding among China and American students.