FACES Summit Report 2017-18

Welcome to the Forum for American-Chinese Exchange at Stanford! Founded in 2001, FACES is a student-led international organization based at Stanford University, representing a global network of professionals, scholars, and leaders who are shaping their respective fields in the United States and China. 

We are pleased to announce the publication of our Summit Report for the FACES 2017-18 Fall Session. This year, we continued designing spaces for delegates to share their pasts and explore their futures together, combining academic programming with profound personal reflection. From a five-hour Crisis Simulation on a Korean nuclear crisis to an intimate discussion with Mao Zedong's American ex-translator, we sought to provide delegates with numerous platforms for meaningful, productive exchange. 

We are deeply grateful to our institutional sponsors, our donors, and our global network for their ongoing support of our organization’s mission. We invite you to read our Summit Report to learn more about our programs and our commitment to promoting strong international political ties through transparent and well-informed exchange. 

Warm regards,

Francesca Lupia                                     Lilian Kong

Francesca Lupia                                   Lilian Kong





Please click the image below to view the FACES 2017-18 Summit Report, or visit this link.